Offical Website for Sound Shark Rubber Floor Underlayment

Frequently  Asked Questions


Q - Can I glue my hardwood floor to Sound Shark?
A- Yes, you need to glue the rubber to the sub floor and the Engineered Hardwood to the rubber.  See installation instructions & note prep work
Q- Can I install carpet over 6mm Sound Shark?
A- Yes, but keep in mind that the Sound Shark is made from tire rubber and will have a rubber smell, it is recommended that an additional pad be used over it to control smell
Q- Why are there different thicknesses, which one do I use?
A- The reason for the different thicknesses is for different application.  A concrete slab has different acoustical qualities than lightweight wood frame construction.  The 3mm typically can be used on most concrete slabs to achieve the desired results.  On lightweight wood frame construction we recommend the heavier 6mm (1lb sq ft) or 12mm (2 lb sq ft) to help reduce both airborne noise (STC) and structure borne noise (IIC).
Q- Where can I purchase Sound Shark Rubber?
A- Select the distributor button on the top navigation bar and enter your zip code